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PremiseAll the following terms and conditions will be applied to the transfer bookings made on the web site owned by Guercio Viaggi Sas - registered office in Zagarise - VAT nbr. 02671550792
Company Data
  • Guercio Viaggi Sas is a company that is registered in the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce in Catanzaro, Italy.
  • La Guercio Viaggi è un azienda di trasporto operante in Calabria con regolare licenza di trasporto passeggeri non regolare.
Sold services in this website
  • You will finde marketed on this website:
    • transport services named "transfer" from a place or starting point or a starting point to the arrival point-destination;
    • transport services named "city tour" from a place or starting point or to one or more places of destination;
  • In this website "transfer" or "city tour" services are not marketed together with special means of transport;
  • No category of car or means of transport is sold, so the type of vehicle used may have a capacity that is either equal or exceeding the seats requested while booking.
  • These transport conditions and all the services connected to them comply with the laws that regulate the sale of services in Italy, this guarantees the protection of the passenger.
  • In cases where Guercio Viaggi cannot directly provide with its own vehicles the purchased service, it reserves the right to:use third-party suppliers, therefore it will be an intermediary between the traveller and / or customer and the company or company providing transport services such as NCC or Taxi, therefore not responsible for the disruption or inconvenience caused by the supplier to its customers. b) Guercio Viaggi Sas and its supplier partners are not responsible for total or partial loss of objects or accessories carried, due to negligence of the travelers;

Booking rules

  • The destinations and the pick up addresses on your ticket / voucher are the addresses where you will be taken or picked up.
  • If you want to change the timetables or other details such as the destination, you can do it by sending an e-mail or on the phone to the numbers indicated in reservations or on the home page of the website, the rules of changes for the type of fare purchased please read here leggi qui
  • No quotas and changing costs are foreseen if is made within the times and conditions indicated for the purchased rate please read here, in addition to the difference in tariff quota for a different address to be reached
In general Guercio Viaggi Sas reserves the right (by means of its own delegated drivers by reporting any abuse to the public security ) to refuse to transport any person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or that could be a danger for the driver of the vehicle and the other passengers.
  • Passengers are not allowed to drink alcohol in our vehicles.
  • Smoking is forbidden on cars, buses and minibuses made available by Guercio Viaggi Sa and its suppliers, exceptions can be made when expressly indicated by the driver
  • Guercio Viaggi Sas undertakes reasonably a way to make its vehicle or the vehicles driven by external collaborators to arrive in time to appointments of departure and arrival at their destination.
  • However, Guercio Viaggi Sas will not be responsible for delays due to causes beyond its control.
  • Passenger transport is entirely covered by the "RCA" insurance and every transport service supplier that has entered into a cooperation agreement with Guercio Viaggi Sas. has stipulated for its own vehicles with third parties. Passenger properties, on the other hand, are carried entirely under the responsibility of the passenger who declares the property at the time of boarding. Your baggage is checked at the departure, any losses or damage cannot be accepted by Guercio Viaggi Sas.
Waiting at the airports , train stations, travelers’ addresses and locations
  • The rates applied by Guercio Viaggi include a waiting time at the addresses, airports or travellers’ locations and diversified for each type of rate you can read hereleggi qui.
  • The cost of waiting will be calculated with increments of 30 (thirty) minutes, starting from the originally scheduled time, referring to the amounts shown below (TARIFFS FOR WAITING TIME AVAILABLE TO THE CUSTOMER). This amount will be added to the cost of the transfer, and payment will be due by the Traveller directly to the driver at the end of the Service. RATES FOR WAITING TIME AVAILABLE TO THE CUSTOMER for each vehicle: € 30.00 + VAT
  • In the absence of communication of delays by the traveller, and if the waiting minutes pass from the agreed time for the purchased fare , the driver will be able to leave the place of waiting, without prejudice to the right of Guercio Viaggi Sas in order to collect the cost of the service.
Flight/train delays at the airport and train stations
  • There are no charges for flights / trains cancellations during daytime , if promptly communicated to Guercio Viaggi Sas.
  • The User has the obligation to contact Guercio Viaggi Sas to inform them about flight/train delays or cancellations
  • Driver waiting time is shown in the tariff solutions that you can read here
  • If there is no communication on behalf of the traveler, and once the time shown in the tariff has passed, the driver may abandon the waiting place , without prejudice the right of Guercio Viaggi Sas to receive the payment of the Service or to retain it as a "no showing up "
Cancellation right
  • The customer can cancel the reservation by writing to us, sending a letter, an e-mail or a text message to the telephone number given in the reservation, indicating the reservation number to identify the service
  • The reservation will be considered canceled when Guercio Viaggi Sas receives a written communication to the following addresses: or by sms to the number indicated in the reservation;
  • Cancellations of the transfer / service can be communicated within a time slot from 06.00 / 23.00 and the cancellation / annulment conditions for the fare that has been purchased , please read here.
Payments and Invoicing
  • cash payments, credit card, visa and mastercard are accepted.
  • The Paypal platform is used for on line payment.
Guercio Viaggi will issue a fiscal receipts with a summary of the services performed on behalf of the customer to the data indicated in the reservation.
  • The services performed in the current month to a single entity are invoiced with a single accounting document, any requests on behalf of the customer , regarding subdivision, partitioning, separate and personalized booking must be specifically requested.
  • The Customer undertakes to report, in the notes of the payment documents, the invoice or receipt number of Guercio Viaggi Sas and the relative issue date.
  • The invoices will be sent to the Customer by e-mail with PEC certification, such sending will constitute legal confirmation of the correct receipt of the invoice by the Customer. The latter undertakes to inform Guercio Viaggi Sas as soon as possible of the e-mail address of its accounting administration.
  • Each passenger can carry with him up to TWO SUITCASES, FOR EXCESS BAGGAGE EX : SKI AND SNOW EQUIPMENT MUST BE DECLARED at the time of booking. We must be informed about the presence of bulky items such as skis, snowboards, etc.
  • Occasionally a difference will be required for the transport of particularly bulky items or excess baggage.
  • It remains at the discretion of drivers operating on behalf of Guercio Viaggi Sas to load undeclared cumbersome items or excess suitcases on the vehicles that do not have safe transport conditions. (broken, dirty, wet suitcases etc.) ALL THE TRANSPORTED OBJECTS TRAVEL UNDER YOUR LIABILITY
People transport guarantees Guercio Viaggi will attempt to transport passenger (s) with the minimum inconvenience to their destination confirmed on the travel document that this is an airport a hotel or its own domicile.
  • In some circumstances beyond our control it may happen that the passenger can not be taken to his destination, or that he arrives very late.
  • These examples summarize the circumstances that may affect the timing and conclusion of the trip:
    • Exceptional and severe climatic conditions can prevent the normal course of the journey
    • Controls by the police officers.
    • Vandalism and terrorism.
    • Blocking traffic
    • Events and strikes..
    • Other passengers can cause delays.
    • Reservations made with incorrect details about time dates etc.
    • Lack of information about departures and arrivals on behalf of the customer. e.
Inability to perform the service If Guercio Viaggi Sas proves impossible to transport the passenger (s) to the booked and paid destination by its own means of transport and by the vehicles of external collaborators, Guercio Viaggi Sas will organize the transfer with external means of transport (TAXI, Rental with Driver) and subsequently the customer will be reimbursed for the cost of such transport upon presentation of receipt / invoice. a.
  • The reimbursement for the transfer can not exceed the rates in force for the use of the TAXI in the same route.
  • Guercio Viaggi Sas can be held responsible for any costs and losses due to delays and mistakes attributable directly to our c) competencies, in this case a refund will be limited to € 100.00 per booking.
  • Guercio Viaggi Sas reserves the right to change at any time the parts (or entirely) of these agreements without giving notice to customers, members, tour operators or agencies.
  • These agreements shall constitute evidence in relations with the customer in place of those provided by third parties
  • the customer is obliged to report to us as soon as possible any problems originating from inefficiencies or shortcomings directly attributable to our work.
  • It will be our responsibility to take action to quickly resolve any inconvenience and loss for full customer satisfaction.
Information regarding our service.
  • We would like to inform you that you are responsible for the correctness and completeness of the information relating to the services you have booked, any disruptions due to lack of information will not be attributable to us, we also need to receive the complete program at least 24 hours before the event, with lower timing will not be responsible for the failure to implement the instructions given.
  • We also like to inform you that the contact with the driver must take place in relation to the service in place and only to define the hours or locations.
  • The driver is solely responsible for the operation of the vehicle, for the choice of the route and for any stops not budgeted in the contract, due to the exceeding of the maximum driving time required by current regulations
Any other modification or communication must only take place with our office or assistance center available at the number +39 0961570086
Discounts and promotion.Discounts and promotions and rates are optional and at customer’s discretion whether to apply them or not.
Competent Court.Any dispute or controversy regarding the activities carried out between Guercio Viaggi Sas and the customer will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Catanzaro (Italy)
Disclaimer Website language translation.The texts contained in the website are translations from the original text in the Italian language. In case of discrepancy, the contents of the Italian version prevail over those of the English translation.

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